Modes of Resistance in Dalit Feminism: An Insight into Bama's Sangati

Author:Prasara V P & Nagarcoil

Abstract: Dalit literature is a recent form of subaltern literature with its prime focus on the social ostracization and marginalization of the oppressed communities like Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and religious minorities. Dalit literature and dalit activism became rampant in the twentieth century especially in Southern India. In Tamil Nadu a laudable attempt to couple penniyam (feminism) and dalityam (dalit studies) has been recorded by Bama, whose Sangati speaks of the hitherto unheard annals of dalit women. Through Sangati, Bama tries to bounce back the bi-fold oppression of dalit women. Sangati is more of a celebration of dalit female identity. Bama's women are no longer subjugated; they assert their individuality through education and collective action. Their resistance - both passive and active to oppression makes Sangati a piquant depiction of the Dalit cause. The paper titled "Modes of Resistance in Dalit Feminism: An Insight into Bama's Sangati" dissects the stark realities of dalit lives and their commendable attempts to upraise socially.











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